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Ski Service and Repair

We’ve got you covered on binding installations, adjustments, and repairs.  Nordic waxing and binding installs are no problem either. Race services like sidewall planning, base flattening and plate mounting  are also offered. We’re also equipped to deal with those unpleasant worst case scenarios that require p’tex, patch work or even a little epoxy magic.

BasicWerks Tune

Our most basic tune including a base beveling/sharpening, edge beveling/sharpening, and hot wax. The best value to get you on the hill.

  • Base Cleaning
  • Edge Sharpening
  • Hot Wax

Price: $39.99

MasterWerks Tune

The MasterWerks take a BasicWerks tune to the next level by adding a stone grind (rough grind to flatten base and remove damage, and finish grind for optimal glide) and ceramic edge sharpening. This tune will bring your skis back to near new condition.

  • Base Flattening
  • Minor Repair Work
  • Edges Beveled and Sharpened with Trim Disc Grinder
  • Base Structuring for Maximum glide
  • Hotwaxing

Price: $69.99

RaceWerks Tune

New race skis most benefit from RaceWerks prep work. The ski is stripped of all plates and bindings and the top sheets and sidewalls are “shaped” to ensure optimal performance and more accurate tuning. The base of the ski is flattened and then the edge bevels are set with a TrimDisc ceramic grinder. Finally the ski is waxed with premium hydrocarbon wax and brushed out

  • Topsheet shaping
  • Sidewall shaping
  • Base flattening
  • Edge bevels set with Trim Disc grinder
  • Discipline specific finish (SG,GS,SL)
  • Hand hotwax with premium hydrocarbon wax
  • Hand base brushing

Price: $89.99

Additional Services

  • Binding Adjustment (Alpine) - $25
  • System Binding Mount or Remount (Alpine) - $50
  • Flat mount Binding Mount or Remount (Alpine) - $80
  • Binding Mount (Nordic) - $30
  • Binding Heli-Coil - $8/Per Hole
  • Base Repair P-Tex (Minor) - $5/Patch
  • Base Repair Epoxy (Major) - $20 - 40/Patch (does not include grinding)
  • Boot work - $45/hour